About Me

josef w

It all started

in a quaint little town called Huntington, West Virgina...

I grew up in a family of six, with three younger brothers. We all look similar, sporting the frequently-mispelled surname of Aidt1. My family moved a few times while I was younger to a few different states — namely West Virgina, North Carolina, and Ohio — before moving to Louisiana as a final stop.

It was Louisiana that I spent most of my childhood and finished school, all the while participating in extra-carricular activies such as Boy Scouts2, marching band, jazz band, and sports! Sports didn’t end up lasting long, but band stuck. I went on to play trumpet in LSU’s marching band, The Golden Band from Tigerland. During my time at LSU I gained an adoration for web development and the technology behind the web, after all, I grew up online. Whether I was online learning or playing video games I always ended up browsing the web to find new and exciting websites fashioned with that next level of design flair.

I never thought about getting into development. My curriculum included classes that covered C++ and C#, SEO and the surrounding business, and even higher-level concepts regarding web usability and e-commerce. But it wasn’t until I was in my final semester in college taking a communications-intensive art course that focused in web design. That’s when I realized that I enjoyed building for the web. Not necessarily grinding out websites all the time, but actually building using web technologies.

After school I went full-time as a desktop support analyst at the local hospital, working for FMOL Health System. There I was able to apply knowledge learned from my degree in addition to leaning on my brief programming background to help streamline existing processes and improve overall performance. It was great to learn while on the job, technically and intrapersonally. After leading deployment and discovery projects for our team, as well as assist in large-scale equipment deployments for the largest IT project in company history, I was presented with an opportunity to join the company’s Business Information Services (BIS) team. There I was stationed to work for the ERP portion of the team utilizing my frontend web development skillset to engineer, modify, and maintain ERP submodules. Other than my web development assignments I developed ETL processes using SQL to ultimately create visual reports on scrubbed, reportable data by using SQL Server Reporting Services and Tableau.

Now we’re to the present time. I’ve continued to improve my IT and full-stack web development skillset by creating numerous JavaScript-based projects and maintaining my container-based Plex stack in my off-time. I am currently employed as a Frontend UI Developer @IBM to further grow my ability to build for the web. In my spare time I like to contribute to a few official open source projects and repos, one of which is Gatsby where I’ve submitted my efforts in the form of providing technical documentation.

Overall I hope to further my abilities as a full-stack JavaScript developer by striving for growth, both in the workplace and as an individual. If you’d like to see what I’m currently working on stop by my Github.


  • 1there’s a small Danish town called Aidt
  • 2I’m an Eagle Scout! 🦅
  • I’m left-handed 👍
  • I love the National Park System 🏞
  • I also love to go camping 🏕