A New Dawn: My Experiences with Gatsby.js

Gatsby poster

Well, I’m sure you’ve visited the rest of the site by this point. This is my first official site built using Gatsby.js, and I had a great time using it. I’ve helped set up a site in the past, I’d played around with templates, and I contributed technical documentation to the project, but I never quite finished my website. Started quite a few times, actually, and ended up moving back over to another project. Thus is the hobby of development, I guess.

Between my old site (github) and this iteration, I had set up a couple different prototypes; much of which included Express backends with React and React Router v4, however in the end I enjoyed the ease of use of using Gatsby and Netlify rather than managing a server. That wasn’t the only speedbump, though. Gatsby offered me so much out of the box including offline support via service workers, GraphQL for querying page assets, and most importantly a blazing fast end product. If you’re looking to rebuild your site soon, I can’t recommend it enough.

I hope to continue using this blog as a space for me to talk about whatever I’m working on, tech, code, music, etc. Perhaps I will continue sharing bits and pieces of my work with Gatsby as I add new features to the site, or even my thoughts on web development in general.

If you’d like to learn more about the tech behind my site and hosting choice, stop by my Github or by my Trello board to see what’s in store.