Gatsby & MDX

Using Gatsby to write blog posts in Markdown is great, for the most part I don’t feel the need to reach for anything more. Well, but it would be nice to write all of my pages in Markdown if only I could also use my JavaScript (React) components.

That was when I stumbled upon MDX.

MDX is a blend of Markdown and JSX, the language prominently known for its use in React. I came across MDX on the Gatsby livestream the other week and saw how they were using it to build their pages (with gatbsy-mdx). I thought that’d be great to use considering how tedious HTML can be to type even with the help of Emmet and a few trusty VSCode extensions. Maybe not just typing, but reading, too.

So I picked up and tried it out, and it is phenomenal to work with. The setup is much like setting up Markdown in Gatsby, and can use the same gatsby-remark-* plugins. Though I haven’t quite fully implemented it here on my site, I can’t wait to convert and further modularize pages like my Résumé.

If you’re looking for a more customized version of Markdown, but don’t want to overcomplicate things, try MDX.